"When Lisa took the stage, it was hers to command above any other actor." - Ernie Booth

"The leading ladies of the cast more than fit the bill. They portray their character's qualities, both good and bad, effortlessly, LeVan especially. She exudes the heart-brokenness of Mary Haines beautifully."

~Jamie Forsythe, reviewing "The Women"
"LeVan displays great range of style as she plays the devoted wife, the tramp, and the vengeful murderess. Her fantasy seduction scene with Nicholas is the funniest bit in the whole play. If awards were given out for individual scenes, this one would definitely be in the running."

~Alec Clayton, reviewing "The Seven Year Itch"
"But it's Lisa LeVan who almost steals the show as Evelyn, the enigmatic blond punker. Her monosyllabic lines drift out of her mouth with complete disinterest in anything but the magazine she's reading, as she drapes herself on the couch. What a hoot!"

~Lynn Geyer, reviewing "Absent Friends"